Film Experiments – Studio work

So I realized I haven’t posted anything in AGES, so I decided I should probably just put up something. So here we have a few examples of my experiments with medium format and 35mm film. A lot of these are just me mucking around trying to figure out all the new cameras I’ve gotten recently (I’m up to 14 cameras) and have all been about just having fun and getting back to the grass roots. Don’t expect amazing polished shiny images, cause you wont find any here. Here you’ll find dirt and grime and hopefully a few gems.

These shots were all taken in a studio setting, either at Uni or some ghetto setup in a living room at a friend’s house. See if you can pick the difference 😛


Taken with my Rolleiflex 3.5e (Elizabeth)

Shots from my Mamiya RB67 ProS (Guinevere) 

Shot with my Afga Isolette II (Isolde)


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